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Sunday Mornings

OK, kids, here it is - my very first ever fic! Hope you enjoy, but if you don't...lie to me, OK?

Title: Sunday Mornings
Author: redrayne717
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Written for </b>spander132 moodring - Lazy

Xander loved Sunday mornings.

Sunday morning was time he took for himself, to be utterly and completely lazy. The alarm clock was turned off, and unplugged, just in case. He wore his most comfy boxers and softest T-shirt. The curtains were drawn, so none of that pesky sun got in his eyes. And he always made sure everyone was very clear on the “only call if something or someone is about to explode, or an apocalypse” rule.

So why was he awake so early this Sunday?

Because somebody’s got really cold feet, he thought, placing a kiss on Spike’s shoulder.

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