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Rating: somewhere between pg13 and R.
Author's Note: This Spander 132 is a continuation of my last one. Previous chapter.

December 25th--4:30am

Spike snuck back into Xander’s basement after patrol. ‘Xander thought he could out-smart a vampire’ Spike thought laughing quietly. If Xander wasn’t back yet he must have gotten held up talking to the girls at the library, but he’d be home soon. So Spike hurried over to Xander’s small makeshift Christmas tree, but the only thing under it was the present he’d gotten for Xander himself. Not that he cared whether the whelp got anything but after the Passions marathon was over he noticed the tree looked really pathetic without any presents under it.

“It’s not here yet,” a slow tired voice said from the door.

Spike whirled around to see Xander standing in the doorway with moonlight behind him, just a silhouette of him. “I see that,” he finally muttered.

“Look I’m gonna go sleep in the backyard,” Xander said sleepily reaching next to the door to grab his sleeping bag.

“Why?” Xander just pointed upstairs where his relatives and family had begun a screaming match.

“Every year they’re like this so every year I grab my sleeping bag and sleep in the yard.”

“That’s not safe you know,” Spike said slowly making his way toward Xander.

“I’ve got it covered Spike,” Xander said turning back outside before pausing. “You can stay here if you want to but I won’t be going to pick up your present til tomorrow morning.”

“I think I’ll stay. You know just to keep an eye on you til morning.”

Xander shook his head and snickered. “You know I can’t wait til morning to see your face when you open your present.”

“Hey hey that’s not bloody fair!” Spike howled. “I would let you open yours ya know.” Spike said more quietly almost pleadingly.

“Hey you know me, I’ll be fine besides, I like the quiet. So I’m gonna go sleep in the fenced backyard and in the morning I’ll go get your present. Alright?” Xander said turning back to face Spike.

“Yeah but I am staying here and looking out for you til morning, whelp.” Spike said heading towards the bed while removing his jacket and shoes in the process. “I’m just excited you know Xan,” Spike said with his back to Xander, “no one’s gotten me a normal present in a really long time. That’s all.”

Just as Spike reached the bed two arms snaked around him. “Bloody hell Xan. Please.”

“Please what Spike?” Xander soothed.

“I really really want my present.”Spike paused then quietly almost under his breathe added, "and you.”

“You what? I didn’t catch that last part.”

Spike loosened himself from Xander and turned around, “I said you. Look Xan why don’t you go ahead and sleep outside then at least you’ll get some sleep,” he said indicating toward the screaming that still continued upstairs before finishing, “You know I’d join you except for the whole...”

“...Sunrise thing.” Xander finished for him.

“Yeah.” Spike said flopping onto the bed.

“So we sleep now huh?” Xander said yawning the second the words escaped his mouth.

“You outside. Me in here. No barbecues in the morning that way, and you don’t haveta listen to that while you sleep. Besides the sooner we sleep the sooner we get presents right?”

“You bet Spike,” Xander yawned, “g’night Spike.” Xander said turning around and picked up the sleeping bag from where it was dropped moments earlier. Once reaching the door he paused, “I’m excited too Spike. As you can tell,” he said gesturing to the little tree, “I don’t get much for Christmas just what the girls and Giles get for me. But that enough for me, don’t need or want much else.” As he started to shut the door he heard something.

“Merry Christmas, Xan.”

“G’night Spike, Merry Christmas.”

December 25th-- 8:00am

Around seven Spike became aware of Xander curled up next to him. ‘The sun must’ve woke him up, he must really be tired. I can wait awhile longer so he can sleep,’ Spike thought.

That was an hour ago though. After an hour of laying still so he didn’t wake Xander, he was starting to get antsy. “Xander,” he whispered, “come on Xan time to wake up.”

“Mmm huh?” a barely coherent Xander mumbled. “What time is it?”

“Uhh ten after eight,” Spike whispered near Xander’s ear.

“Ahhh, that tickles Spike. Can’t we just sleep a little while longer? I’m so tired...” Xander trailed off.

“Yeah pet, it’s just...”

“It’s what Spike?”

“It’s just I’ve been lyin’ here trying to stay still so I didn’t wake you, that’s all.” Spike rambled as he began to kick the covers off.

“Iz’ ok Spike.” Xander mumbled reaching an arm out to wrap around Spike, “you can be comfortable. Let’s just sleep awhile okay.”

A small grin crossed Spike face as they made themselves more comfortable curled up together. Spike straighten out the covers and pulled it up around Xander. As he relaxed into the pillow and closed his eyes he felt the blankets move a bit.

“Thanks Spike,” Xander murmered as he kissed Spike on the cheek and promptly fell asleep against Spike.

Spike’s cheek burned where he’d been kissed. They’d been taking things real slow for Xander’s sake and this was more than he thought he’d get this Christmas, but did Xander mean it or was he just to tired to realize what he’d done?


“Yeah pet?”

“What time is it now?” Xander asked without opening his eyes.

“About 8:30.”

“Okay. If you wanna wake me around ten, we can get up and I’ll go get your present,” Xander mumbled sleepily, “I meant it you know.”

“I know you did Xan, it’s okay. Go back to sleep huh?” Spike said, gently stroking Xander’s cheek before placing a gentle kiss on his forehead, “night Xan.”

There is one more section to this for "excited" but I haven't had the chance to finish it yet. Hopefully it will be up soon.
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