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ok I finished a Challenge (yay). This was written for the Spander132 moodring ficathon. I resisted my baser impulse and made Xander apathetic.

Title:Apathetic (after I wrote it, it just seemed to fit.)

Pairing:one-sided Xangel, Spander

Distribution: um you really wanna this? Other than the fication and spikess, ask and tell me where. Then it's yours. 

Disclaimer: as much as my heart disagrees, the boys and any of the other characters mentioned don't belong to me. Their collars says they belong to this Joss person.

 Dedication: To Raz for simply being there. Random note: I forced myself to write this while on vacation: yay florida.


At a table in the middle of a crowded club three girls and a guy sit. One of the girls is ranting while the other two make the appropriate agreement sounds. But the guy just stays still.

 Xander lets the words wash over him as Buffy whines about her latest breakup with, surprise surprise, Angel. But he doesn't really care. Not even during this perfect "let's slam Deadboy" moment. So he simply gets up to leave. Of course Buffy pouts and for a second Xander remembers a time when, even when he wasn't in love with her, that pout could make him do anything.

 But now- Xander blinks.

 "Night ladies." And with that he's out the door.

 Of course being the demon magnet that he is, he was attacked less then a Block away from the Bronze. He was actually doing well in the fight when suddenly he found himself flat on his back and inch away from the claws of death. "Damn it now I'm going to die and I haven't even moved in to that new house I just paid for. Do you think we could do this next week? No wait,dying means no moving furniture and having to be once again be humiliated by the strength of a little blond girl so go ahead proceed." And right when the inch closes in, the demon is pulled off him in a blaze of speed while a dark knight proceeds to rip to shreds the being that threatened his beloved. And so soon standing before him is a disheveled, messy haired, flushed Angel.

Angel rushed over to Xander checking him and making sure he was alright. After making sure he was alright Xander was allowed to get to his feet. "Xander," Angel breathed “I thought I lost you. I can't take this anymore. Listen the reason Buffy and I didn't work out is because I love you." Xander looked at Angel while Angel stood there with a look that was both hopeful at acceptance while braced for rejection.

 Xander shrugged. "Okay."

 "Okay, what does that mean?"

Xander was about to respond when Buffy came rushing out with Willow and Tara in tow. "Xander, Angel good. We need to hurry up. There's a demon out there that's going to destroy Sunnydale. We have to head out."

 Xander looks at the slayer. “Right Buff. Tell me how that works out." And once again he starts off to his home.

“But Xander this demon might end the world!" Willow said.

 "Seems to be what they do Wills. Listen call me tomorrow after Buffy slays it ok." he says over his shoulder while still walking leaving the group shocked at the indifferent tone of his voice.

 Soon Xander reaches home. He takes off his clothes and crawls into bed before kissing the blond vampire that waits there for him. "You know you're rubbing off on me right?" he murmurs against Spike's lips.

 "Yeah, yeah whelp. Turn off the light will ya?"


 Did I do ok? *puppy eyes*

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