MoodRings - 132 Celebrations of Spander

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Um, hi. *waves* I'm brynspikess. Thanks so much for coming!

Suppose you're all wondering why I invited you here, then? Well, I've noticed your Spander fic, and was kinda sorta hoping that maybe you'd contribute for this project I'm starting. (unless, of course, you stumbled over here on a recc or a LJ search, then by all means, welcome! Come participate!)

For those of you who haven't seen it already, check out the MoodRings -- 132 Celebrations of LOTRips.

Then, if you're willing, go to the moodrings feedback thread and shower love and affection on anniesj and circe_tigana for making such an awesome thing.

Then check out myska_x's journal and see how the mood rings were turned into an awesome mood theme. Oh, and if you're willing, comment with love and affection, because I can imagine how much time and effort it took to create it.

Now, here's what I'm thinking. I would love to see something like this, but with a Spander theme. Who's with me? I'm willing to sit down and make this mood theme, but I'm not nearly as good coming up with the writing part. So... I was hoping that some of you awesome Spander writers would be willing to contribute a few of the moods. If this actually makes it to finished product stage, the mood theme will be open for anyone to use with a link back to a list of each mood story, including the master list of all the moods and who wrote each of them.

So? *is hopeful* Help me out? Please? Pretty please with a naked Spike covered in whipped cream and Xander licking it all off?

There are currently 31 moods still unclaimed and unwritten. Click here to find out which moods have been written, and which are still up for grabs.

Tentative (extended) Deadline: Due to the still large numbers of WIPs and unclaimed moods, I've extended the deadline again. I'd like to have all the moods written by June 2006 or earlier, if possible.

Thanks to all the contributers so far: brynspikess, cricketpoor, dancetomato, prncssflutterby, leni_ba, virtualpersonal, meleigh, mirasol, random_glitch, _beetle_, altyronsmaker, frk_werewolf, katekintail, cinderella81, redrayne717, and markedxup. Want to see your name here? Contribute a mood!